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MOSCOW (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come out strongly against a Russian decision to build two more nuclear reactors at a plant near the Iranian city of Bushehr.

The Russians have "all kinds of explanations for these reactors," the premier said after meeting on Friday of last week with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. "I am not convinced that it satisfies us."

Russia, which already has agreed to help build two reactors at Bushehr, says the plant is solely designed to generate electricity.

But Israeli and American officials say the technology could help Iran develop nuclear weapons.

Vienna finally to get Holocaust memorial

ROME (JTA) — When a controversial Holocaust monument is finally built in Vienna, it will be the city's first memorial dedicated solely to Jewish victims of the Shoah.

Vienna's mayor, Michael Haupl, announced recently that the city, which is funding the project, would begin construction on Judenplatz — Jews Square, the former center of the medieval Jewish ghetto.

France will search for Jews' war assets

PARIS (JTA) — France appointed a committee to search for millions of dollars in Jewish assets that were confiscated by the state during World War II. The committee will investigate French banks and credit agencies that held the assets during the war.

French Jewish officials criticized the move, saying the committee was made up of former banking officials who were not objective, and called for the creation of an independent body that would employ private auditors.