In first person… Mother bore responsibility of single parent

Now that I am in the twilight of my years, those days of having a Jewish mother will be remembered throughout my remaining years of life.

She was one that was always there. Being a widow for many years put the full burden of parental duties on her alone, mother and father all in one. Through poverty and wealth, in sickness and in health, she was there always.

I remember one of her beliefs, or superstitions, when a button had to be re-sewn or a tear to be sewed, it was necessary to remove the garment due to the belief that it were worn during repair, the wearer would "have their intelligence sewed closed forever." There may be something lost in the translation from Yiddish to English, but I am sure you get the meaning if you have or had a "Yiddishe Mama" you know what it is to have or had a "Jewish Mother."