Web site helps wedding couples give as well as receive

"Sarah and I both had spent some time living in Israel and we had gotten involved in progressive nonprofit causes promoting peace and human rights issues," says Halpern. "I had also spent time in Latin America and was impressed with the work of ACCION International. So, we decided to support ACCION International and B'tselem."

In addition to the favor service, the I Do Foundation provides engaged couples with the options of having their guests donate directly to a charitable cause in the place of traditional wedding gifts, or registering with any one of the I Do Foundation's partner stores, including Mikasa and Kitchen Etc. When couples register for traditional gifts with the I Do Foundation's partner stores, up to 8 percent of the proceeds from the purchase of gifts is donated to the couple's selected cause.

"The whole wedding industry is so huge, like one big factory with so many advertisements and ways to spend money," says Wendy Bennett, a bride-to-be whose family rabbi is flying in from South Carolina for her New Jersey wedding. "I like the fact that we were able to register for gifts and also pick an organization that had a lot of importance for us."

"Being able to support an organization that we have a personal connection to is very meaningful for us," adds Brian Zavin, a New Jersey public defender and Bennett's fiancé. "I recommend to other couples that this is a great way to have your friends and family support something meaningful for you."