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NEW YORK (JTA) — A New Jersey judge threw out a lawsuit alleging that the Lakewood, N.J., public schools discriminated against non-Jews by providing busing for yeshiva students.

Judge Steven Reback recently dismissed a lawsuit by former Lakewood school board member George Osborne, an executive committee member of the local NAACP, who charged that the board's policy of providing "courtesy busing" for local yeshiva students and for students of other private schools amounted to unconstitutional segregation between public and private schools, Jewish and non-Jewish students, and boys and girls.

The judge said the school system's 8-year-old policy was legal in part because it offered busing "on the same terms to all school children in its district, without regard to religion," and was motivated by convenience and safety.

Editorial cartoon sparks complaints

CHICAGO (JTA) — Readers of the Chicago Tribune are complaining about an editorial cartoon they see as anti-Semitic.

The cartoon, which appeared last Friday, depicts President Bush laying down dollar bills in front of a heavyset man with large nose and Star of David on his jacket.

The man, who is meant to be Ariel Sharon, says, "On second thought, the pathway to peace is looking a bit brighter."

The Tribune's ombudsman, Don Wycliff, said he agrees that the cartoon reinforces anti-Semitic stereotypes.

N.Y. synagogue is declared historic

NEW YORK (JTA) — A synagogue in New York will be declared a national historic site. Tifereth Israel Synagogue in Queens will receive the recognition Sunday. The building, which dates to 1911, features a 23-foot facade and a circular stained-glass window with a Star of David.