Dialogue and research before the honeymoon

Face it, guys — if you think planning your honeymoon has everything to do with the Victoria's Secret catalog, you're on your way to making a big mistake.

The weight of most of the wedding planning will fall on your bride's shoulders, but you will have to manage the details of the getaway.

Screw this one up and you'll hit some painful bumps for years to come when you stroll together down memory lane.

"Before you set off on the vacation of a lifetime, you've gotta do a little planning," says Geri Bain, writer for MarryingMan.com, an online resource of tips and advice for grooms.

Bain's article at MarryingMan. com lists some of the common mistakes grooms make. Her advice is to learn what not to do now, rather than on your wedding night. Some common mistakes include:

*Forgetting to book a double bed. "You may laugh, but it's important when reserving hotels, especially abroad, and crucial if you are going on a cruise," Bain says.

*Making reservations for an early flight the morning after your wedding. If you're planning an evening reception, you can be sure you're not going to bed early on your wedding night. A later flight may save you from walking bleary-eyed through the airport.

*Skimping on your accommodations. "Even if you think you won't spend much time in your room, you'll be sorry if your accommodations aren't up to par. Probably the most common honeymoon lament we hear is, 'I wish we'd spent just a little more and stayed in a deluxe room.'"

*Not setting a honeymoon budget. Before you go, agree about what you'll splurge on and where you'll skimp to avoid any possible money hassles en route.

*Letting one person do all the planning. "After all, this honeymoon is for both of you," Bain says. "If you do all the work, you'll feel guilty if things don't go perfectly. If you don't take part in the planning, you'll probably end up dissatisfied."

*Thinking you have to spend every minute together. "You'll both be happier if you plan one or two separate activities on your honeymoon, and think how much fun you'll have sharing your experiences with each other," Bain says.

*Keeping mum about being honeymooners. Don't be bashful — especially with hotels, cruise lines and restaurants. Tell them when you make your reservations and you're likely to enjoy special treatment.

When in doubt, share your plans or ideas with your future spouse. Marriage is all about communication, and planning your honeymoon is a great time to start an information exchange.