Davis touts anti-hate bill at Wiesenthal Center

Davis branded the recall "bad for democracy" as well as a waste of millions of dollars and an insult to voters who re-elected him to a second term last November.

Noting that Bustamante had "served the people well," Davis said that the lieutenant governor's slogan is "vote no on the recall, yes on Bustamante."

In introducing the governor, Rabbi Marvin Hier, the center's head, described Davis as a longtime supporter of the Wiesenthal center. Davis, he said, should "take some nachas" in his financial support of such programs as the center's interactive "Tools for Tolerance" training for police and educators. That effort has trained some 90,000 people so far and is being used as a model in other states, Hier said.

The governor, according to Hier, is "no stranger to the Museum of Tolerance."

Davis also said he planned to seek a federal extension of a Sept. 30 deadline for some 77,000 survivors seeking Holocaust restitution. "It has been a long fight; it is not over," the governor said.