Shorts: weddings

A ‘dream’ wedding

(cns) | The results of a reader poll conducted by Bride’s magazine show that while some attitudes about weddings have changed, one thing remains the same: most women plan the wedding of their dreams.

A sampling of results include:

• 75 percent of women say their wedding will be like the one they imagined since they were little girls.

• 41 percent of grooms share in the wedding planning with their bride; 14 percent of brides handle all the planning.

• 36 percent of brides say they exceed their wedding budget; 6 percent spend less than planned; 58 percent say wedding costs ended up the same as estimated.

• Half of weddings are financed by a combination of the bride, groom and both sets of parents; 30 percent of couples pay for the whole thing themselves; 17 percent of weddings are financed entirely by the bride’s parents.

Money-saving tips

(cns) | With the average wedding costing $22,000, the editors of Bride’s magazine are offering ways to cut costs and save money:

• Wedding gowns: Choose a simple gown and dress it up with glamorous accessories, such as a jeweled tiara. And don’t be afraid to buy last season’s dress. Big discounts can be had at salon sample sales.

• Bridal accessories: Longer veils cost more money, so go for a shorter look, which is less expensive and more fashionable now.

• Bridal beauty: Frequent the department store cosmetics counter to learn do-it-yourself makeup techniques. Having your hair done in a salon instead of having a stylist come to your home will also save money.

• Invitations: Order early, as rush charges can increase costs by 50 percent.

Perfect proposal?

(cns) | A survey by Korbel, the California champagne and wine maker, found that 41 percent of Americans think the fear of rejection is the main cause of proposal anxiety. They advise thoughtful planning and attention to detail.

Other survey results on how to make popping the question a decent proposal:

• Execute the unexpected. The poll found that 38 percent of Americans cite the element of surprise as the best way to ensure a perfect proposal.

• Table for two. Of those surveyed, 54 percent said the most romantic proposals take place during intimate dinners.

• Time is of the essence. Most of those who responded (41 percent) also said that poor timing is the factor most likely to ruin a proposal.

• Magic without money. The poll found that the proposal is probably the cheapest part of getting married: 14 percent said no money needed to be spent on a proposal.