main entrance to the jcc
Oshman Family JCC in Palot Alto (Photo/Tim Griffith)

Jewish Women’s Theater brings ‘Matzo Ball Diaries’ and more to Palo Alto

Palo Alto’s Oshman Family JCC will present a series of plays by the Los Angeles-based Jewish Women’s Theatre, starting Monday, Feb. 6 with “The Matzo Ball Diaries.” The play explores the comic possibilities inherent in Jewish food culture.

“Exile: Kisses on Both Cheeks,” set for April 4, tells the story of a Sephardic family coping with a 500-year legacy of expulsion and exile.

And on May 22, the Jewish Women’s Theatre will stage “More Courage,” a play about acts of bravery, large and small, that end up changing lives.

Matzo Ball Diaries” starts at 7:30 p.m. in the JCC’s Freidenrich Conference Center, 3921 Fabian Way in Palo Alto.