a big glass building with students walking through a lawn in front
J. Paul Leonard Library at San Francisco State University. (Photo/Wikimedia-Webbi1987)

At SFSU, it’s Hillel doing the silencing

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Wow, J., you sure buried the lede in your Aug. 4 article, “Investigation finds Hillel ‘improperly excluded’ from SFSU student fair.”

Only by reading almost to the end did I learn that the report found no religious discrimination by the event organizers, which had been the main accusation, as you know. And Hillel had nothing to say about it, either.

That the event organizers engaged in “retaliation” or “viewpoint discrimination” against an organization that has, in fact, worked to shut down others’ protected speech in support of Palestinian rights? Well, that’s no surprise, and it’s Mickey mouse for the university to make any issue of it at all. Since when is an organizer of a campus event obligated to invite every single student group to participate, let alone one that behaves counter to the purpose of the event?

Also, from what I’ve heard, San Francisco Hillel’s claim that it was initially invited is false. Rather, it submitted an application that it had received forwarded from another group.

Let’s get real. Outside groups determined to squelch viewpoints they don’t like on campus are using Hillel to pretend that protest against Israeli policies are attacks on Jews. They also use the same smear against faculty and academic programs at SFSU and elsewhere. It’s getting old, and, every day, fewer and fewer people are buying it.

David L. Mandel,

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