Rabbi Alissa Wise sits on steps with a shirt that says "Palestinians should be free"
In July 2017, Rabbi Alissa Wise, Deputy Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, became the first rabbi banned from entering Israel for supporting BDS. (Photo/Courtesy Rabbi Alissa Wise)

Israel has every right to protect itself against JVP

The ADL recently released a report criticizing Jewish Voice for Peace. Among its concerns was JVP’s support for convicted Palestinian terrorists Rasmea Odeh and Marwan Barghouti.

JVP recently took out a full-page ad in the Forward featuring Barghouti and charging Israel’s arrest and prosecution of Palestinian terrorists “unlawful.” According to the ADL, JVP has “recently ramped up efforts to break down longstanding programs that allow members of American and Israeli police and defense communities to train together and share best practices for fighting terrorism.”

Also on the ADL’s list: JVP’s harassment of Jewish LGBT groups, citing the incident that took place during the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York in June, where JVP members cut the microphones of the LGBTQ contingent and blocked them from marching, for the “crime” of holding a rainbow flag emblazoned with a Star of David.

JVP leaders and members promote BDS, work with the openly anti-Semitic Students for Justice in Palestine, shout down speakers they don’t agree with, sponsor films and speakers that unjustly demonize Israel and promote a narrative about the Middle East conflict that treats the creation of Israel as a catastrophe, and an illegitimate state.

Israel has every right to block anyone who advocates harming Israel. The rabbis who issued the letter of support for BDS supporters, such as JVP’s Rabbi Alissa Wise, need to do some serious soul-searching.

Sheree Roth,
Palo Alto

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