The San Francisco Federal Building (right) (Photo/Wikimedia-Eric in SF CC BY-SA 4.0)
The San Francisco Federal Building (right) (Photo/Wikimedia-Eric in SF CC BY-SA 4.0)

Hebrew Free Loan helps out furloughed federal workers

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Hebrew Free Loan is offering interest-free bridge loans to Jewish furloughed federal employees or contractors who live in Northern California. The loans are aimed at covering living expenses during the federal government shutdown, which began on Dec. 22.

Most loan amounts will be determined by a person’s monthly salary, but loans of up to $20,000 may be available, depending on the need. Repayment terms are flexible, and will not begin until the furlough ends and employees are once again receiving paychecks, HFL said.

The assistance is being offered by HFL’s San Francisco office and by HFL’s sister agency, Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Washington.

In 2017, HFL offered emergency loans ranging from $2,000 to $25,000 to people who were affected by the Northern California wildfires.

For more information, or to apply, furloughed federal employees can call (415) 546-9902 ext. 110 or visit