Don't put too much brandy in that honey cake! (Photo/Wikimedia-Didier Descouens)
Don't put too much brandy in that honey cake! (Photo/Wikimedia-Didier Descouens)

A short — and slightly boozy — letters column

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Honey cake oops

As a novice baker, I wasn’t originally alarmed at the typo in your honey cake recipe on Sept. 16. However, after using 4 cups of brandy per the instructions, I must say we all had a very happy New Year! I will have to stock up on liquor for further cake recipes. Thank you for the great experience. Shana Tovah!

Brenda Derin
San Rafael

Editor’s Note: Indeed, there was a typographical error in the honey cake recipe. The amount of brandy called for should have been ¼ cup. 

‘Take hand. No fall.’

My husband and I enjoyed reading the opinion piece on grandparenting by J. contributing editor Dan Pine (“All those adages about being a grandparent? They’re true.” Sept. 9).

Pine’s rendering of his experience as a grandparent resonated with us. We share a similar path with him. We, too, have a grandson who was born in 2019 and is about to turn 3. We also experienced having to distance ourselves from him for a year of his life, due to the pandemic. Where Pine states, “I probably won’t be around to see the kids grow up into adulthood,” I also ponder the odds of my being alive to witness my grandson’s bar mitzvah, as well as our other grandchildren’s significant young adult milestones. However, as Pine suggests, there is so much joy to be had in the moments we spend now with our children’s children.

The other day, I was walking with my grandson outdoors on uneven ground. I asked him to slow down a little because “Bubbe doesn’t want to fall.” To this, he reached out his little hand to me and said, “Take hand. No fall.” My heart melted! I am embracing every precious moment of grandparenthood and enjoying this wondrous ride!

Sharon Brown
Walnut Creek

Soros and the ACLU

Retired Superior Court Judge Ellen Chatitin claims my statement “that George Soros donated to the anti-recall campaign of Chesa Boudin or his campaign for district attorney is false.” (“Boudin deserved to go,” Aug. 18 letters)

Soros, however, masks his donations by contributing to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which as an Internal Revenue Code Section 501c(4) entity needn’t report publicly such donations to political campaigns after it contributes to Boudin, which it did with four-figure gifts. My J. letter was not false in a true sense.

Judge Quentin L. Kopp (Ret.)
San Francisco

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