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Einayich Yonim

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The mission of the fellowship is to provide Jewish high school students with the opportunity to delve into Jewish ethical ecology, to build a safe and supportive community of spiritually connected young people, to nurture self-reflection and personal growth, to foster intergenerational mentor relationships, to support young Jewish people in building a sense of confidence in themselves as agents of change for a better world, and to help them see the profound connection between their Jewish heritage and their responsibility for the well-being of all life on earth.

The fellowship is an 18-month experience for Jewish high school sophomores and juniors with a strong interest in Jewish spirituality, concern for the environment, a background in Jewish learning and a commitment to personal growth. Participants will be part of a thoughtful community of peers and teachers and will also be supported to connect with an adult mentor from their school or synagogue. Over the course of the program, fellows from across North America will participate in:

  • Monthly Jewish ecology seminars, discussion groups and mentoring meetings

  • Three half-day skill-building workshops

  • One weeklong summer retreat in California

  • A six-month community impact project