Bay Area Jewish Teen Programs

The Bay Area’s creative Jewish programming includes many opportunities for teens.  The groups offering these activities are often housed within Jewish Community Centers. These offerings typically have a more secular, sports or recreational focus.  Another common provider of teen programs are those within religious congregations.  These are likely to have a shared religious or values-focused component to the activities and events they offer.   Other unaffiliated groups round out the Bay Area teen opportunities.  Some of these focus on leadership development.  Others provide community-building and social justice programming to allow teens to get more involved with Jewish values.  Also, these groups provide a framework in which teens can develop their social skills while working on common goals.  Still other groups pinpoint Israel as their area of study, programming and activities to enable teens to connect to the Jewish homeland and its people. Further, Bay Area Jewish teen programming can spotlight the environment as the place where teens connect to the earth. Teens have a chance to learn about and volunteer to address the environmental challenges facing the world.  In this type of group, teens can learn to put their energies into bringing about needed change. In this way, they also begin to explore the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, or healing the world. Yet another group enables older teens to work for Jewish non-profits in the Bay Area.  This type of employment provides on the job training. This gives teens a chance to earn money and to learn about what these non-profit organizations do in the community.
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Einayich Yonim

An 18-month experience for Jewish high school sophomores and juniors with a strong interest in Jewish spirituality, concern for the environment, a background in Jewish learning and a commitment to personal growth.
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