Bay Area

NCSY NorCal—Jewish Student Union

(510) 930-8358 [email protected]
Director Tani Polansky

Jewish youth movement with separate programming for grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. All programs are open to all teens regardless of affiliation or background. Below are a few of the programs offered locally:

  1. “Jewish Student Union” Clubs: During lunch periods right at students’ own school. NCSY will provide the food and fun and students provide the friends.
  2. Latte N Learn: At different locations around the bay, typically at a Starbucks. Coffee provided
  3. Monthly social events: Ice skating, laser tag, six flags, limo scavenger hunts.
  4. Shabbatons: Six to eight yearly, ranging from local to Tahoe, LA and New York.
  5. 19 different summer programs, 17 of which take place in Israel.