Bay Area


3778 Park Blvd. Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 882-1503 Fax: (510) 482-2374
Rabbi Akiva Naiman (510)882-1503

Jewish youth movement with separate programming for grades 6-8 and for grades 9-12. All programs are open to ALL teens regardless of your affiliation or background. Below are just a few of the programs we run in the bay:

  1. NCSY “Jewish Student Union” Clubs: During lunch periods right at your own school. NCSY will provide the food and fun and you provide the friends. If you are looking to bring some Jewish culture to your school, contact us to help you set up a club. Check it out at
  2. Latte N Learn: Come for an hour of learning with friends at different locations around the bay. Typically takes place at a Starbucks – coffee is on us.
  3. Monthly Social Events: Ice skating, Laser tag, 6 flags, Limo scavenger hunt… if you liked any of those options, you’ll probably like the awesome events we run every month.
  4. Shabbatons – Always a highlight of the year, we have 6-8 Shabbatons ever year, ranging from local to Tahoe, LA and New York.
  5. NCSY runs NINETEEN different summer programs, 17 of which take place in Israel. Check them all out at and If you are a public school teen make sure to check out our “TJJ” series; all prices are automatically half off.