North Bay

Rabbi Moshe Trager

(415) 366-6757 [email protected]
Certified Mohel Rabbi Moshe Trager

Northern California’s only full-time mohel, serving the entire region and beyond, with a practice focused exclusively on brissim.  Works with Jewish and interfaith couples and welcomes all family types. Rabbi has performed 6,000+ procedures and is recommended by parents, rabbis and physicians. (In fact, many of his clients are urologists, OB/Gyns and surgeons.)

The rabbi uses modern pain control paired with speed and precision. “Ritual circumcision is a fundamental expression of Jewish identity filled with meaning and the least traumatic way to circumcise an infant,” he says,

According to Jewish law, the mohel is obligated to complete the procedure as quickly and painlessly as possible. That said, many parents struggle with the decision to circumcise their sons. The rabbi alleviates their concerns with accurate information.