Bay Area Brit Milah (Circumcision)

The ritual of brit milah is performed to symbolize the covenant between God and the people of Israel. The brit (or bris) takes place on the eighth day of a male baby's life (provided there are no health problems). Traditionally, the brit is performed by a mohel, a ritual circumciser familiar with the relevant laws and customs.
East Bay

Stuart Avram Zangwill, M.D.

Performs spiritual, meaningful brit milah ceremonies for all affiliations and interfaith couples. Board certified in both pediatrics and pediatric hospital medicine with over 25 years experience performing circumcisions with anesthesia/pain control.

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North Bay
Bay Area

Piser and Piser Mohelim

Bay Area urologist/hand surgeon; husband/wife mohelim team, trained and certified by Hebrew Union College; performing personalized, spiritually enlightening brit milah and hatafat dam brit (for previously circumcised converts) since 1991.
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San Francisco
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