First Person: Bissell in the basement reminds woman of a lot

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A special wedding gift that I received (along with her many others) was a Bissell "Breeze" lavender-colored carpet sweeper, 35 years ago, from my sister, Estelle Karliner.

The note that accompanied the Bissell stated "…everyone should have `a bissel,' you have a lot!" As you may know a bissel in Yiddish means "a little bit."

Estelle truly felt my happiness in my marriage to my wonderful husband, Dr. Irwin Weinreb. She knew that I had a lot.

What is so tragically sad is that she passed away 14 years ago (from a rare immunological disease) at the age of 40.

Of course, she is ever in my thoughts. Whenever I am in my basement (minimum of once a day), I see the Bissell there — my "link" for "a lot" in my marriage!