In First Person: We had an old-fashioned marriage

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Our wedding took place in the rabbi's chambers with just family members present. We were married Oct. 4, 1932 during the Depression.

David and I met 64 years ago at a Young Men's Hebrew Purim dance.

I was dressed as a Spanish señorita and he was dressed as a devil. I always kidded him that I had "hell" ever since, which was just the opposite.

My oldest sister-in-law, Yetta, at the time predicted the "marriage would not last."

We had a good marriage and only argued over minor things, especially about the children, like who will push the baby carriage.

We really had an old-fashioned marriage. He went to work and supported his family and I ran the household.

We were blessed with two daughters, Betty Aronovsky and Sandra Osheroff, and when they were married we became grandparents of seven and eventually, great-grandparents of four.

Life wasn't dull, but quite interesting, and at times there were problems that seemed unsolvable. I remember a teacher once told the class when problems are too severe, remember, "This too will pass." I've always remembered and it helped us over many rough times.

My dear David's last words to me as he lay in the hospital were, "I love you." He passed away Jan. 19, 1996 at the age of 91.

All I could add to that is life is precious and we take it for granted. Also, don't live in the past and let the past mistakes weigh you down. Enjoy each day.