In first person…Kids antics bother mom, but not for long

As a toddler Aaron discovered the playground just behind the sanctuary. Pushing him on the swings and missing the service again, I often thought it would have been easier if I had just worn my sweats and taken him to the park where I wouldn't have to struggle to keep sand out of my nylons and high heels.

In time, though, our son started to be able to stay in the sanctuary for the service. One day when all the children were called up to the bimah to help the rabbi take the Torah out of the ark, Aaron chose to face the congregation and narrate the proceedings. "Now the rabbi is opening the ark. Now he's taking out the Torah. Now I made a poo-poo."

At another service it occurred to me that neither my husband nor I had been interrupted for quite a while. Glancing to my side I spotted our son standing in the aisle with his shoes and socks off, tossing his socks high in the air whenever the cantor reached a crescendo.

Despite all the embarrassment and frustration, I knew it had all been worth it when I began teaching Aaron to chant the Sh'ma. From having attended services, he already knew how.