Israeli researchers to discuss breast cancer in S.F. lecture

Love is an adjunct professor of surgery at UCLA and medical director of the Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Institute. She helped found the National Breast Cancer Coalition, which led to the National Action Plan for Breast Cancer.

Panelists will include:

*Dr. Susan Blumenthal, assistant surgeon general of the United States. She served as chair of the Federal Coordinating Committees on Breast Cancer and led the development and implementation of the National Action Plan for Breast Cancer.

*Professor Hadassa Degani, of Weizmann's biological regulation department, heads its magnetic resonance facility.

She is a pioneer in the successful use of MRI technology as a tool for non-invasive cancer diagnosis. Her procedure is now in clinical trials in the United States. Degani's research identified how tamoxifen operates, which enables scientists to understand how this breast cancer drug stems the development of aggressive tumors.

*Professor Yosef Yarden, dean of biology at Weizmann, is a researcher with reputation for generating "biological bullets" to fight cancer.

His work has led to breakthroughs in understanding the molecular aspects of cancer development, the field of tumor-causing oncogenes and tumor-neutralizing suppresser genes.

*Dr. David Geffen is a faculty member in health sciences at Ben-Gurion University. He heads the oncology day-care unit at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, where he is founder of its Cancer Treatment Service.

Geffen was involved in the development of new protocols for both first line and relapse treatment of lymphoma.

*Shraga Segal is dean of health sciences and heads the Cancer Research Center at Ben-Gurion University.

A molecular immunologist and immunogeneticist, Segal leads a research team devoted to the characterization of genes that determine the metastatic capacity of cancerous cells. Segal serves as chairman of Israel's National Steering Committee for the Development of Genetic Based Biotechnology.

*Dr. Ernie Bodai successfully lobbied Congress to mandate the issuance of the breast cancer stamp. The 7 cents in extra revenue from each stamp helps fund breast cancer research.

Admission to the symposium is $75. For reservations, call (415) 399-1055.