World Report

LONDON (JPS) — Senior British Labor legislator Tam Dalyell may be investigated for inciting racial hatred following his claim that a "Jewish cabal" is exercising undue influence on Prime Minister Tony Blair.

British Zionist Federation President Eric Moonman, himself a Labor legislator from 1966 to 1979, is seeking legal advice on whether there is a case against Dalyell and whether his "misguided" remarks should be referred to the Commission for Racial Equality.

"I believe there is," said Moonman, who said he would be "distressed" to take such action "because of a relationship with a man I admire enormously. But he made the statements and he knew what he was doing."

Britain may outlaw kosher slaughter

LONDON (JTA) — Britain's most influential animal welfare body may outlaw kosher slaughter.

The semiofficial Farm Animal Welfare Council is scheduled to present a report next month to the British government that, among other proposals, will recommend that all animals in England, Scotland and Wales be stunned before being slaughtered. Jewish authorities have ruled unanimously that such a move is unacceptable, and a group of Jewish leaders walked out of a meeting with the council in March when discussions broke down.

British teachers may boycott Israeli schools

LONDON (JTA) — Britain's professors union will consider launching an academic boycott of Israel.

The motion to be considered at a conference this weekend accuses Israel of "repeated breaches of U.N. resolutions and the Geneva Conventions" and calls for universities and union members to "review, with a view to severing, any academic links they may have with official Israeli institutions, including universities."

Critics have charged that the motion, one of 59 to be debated by the 46,000-member union at its conference, is anti-Semitic.

French Muslim tried for Jewish defamation

PARIS (JTA) — A Muslim journalist is on trial in France, accused of a hate crime after publishing an article attacking a Jewish community leader.

Rabha Attaf had described Zvi Ammar as "this Tunisian Jew" in an article on the Islamic Web site, as well as accusing Ammar of various financial indiscretions and support for the transfer of Palestinians.

Ammar said accusations by Attaf that he is "hostile to the Muslim community" were false and that, on the contrary, he maintained friendly relations with Muslim leaders in Marseilles.

Moreover, he was prepared to accept an apology from the journalist and request that the action be dropped.

Attaf has rejected the demand and faces a possible fine. A decision is expected on June 13.