Greetings to the community: A lasting legacy for all of you &mdash and future generations

On behalf of the board of trustees and staff of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, we invite you to celebrate!

For more than 20 years, the Contemporary Jewish Museum has served the Bay Area by providing outstanding exhibitions, thoughtful public programs, and inspiring education and outreach activities that explore the richness and diversity of Jewish life.

And now the time has come to open the doors to our beautiful new facility designed by the visionary architect Daniel Libeskind. Please join us on June 8 at a communitywide grand opening celebration and be with us as we usher in a new chapter in our history.

Many individuals have come together to bring the museum’s new building, which was once just a dream on paper, to fruition.

As we stand ready to welcome the public into the new Contemporary Jewish Museum, we are filled with humility and honored by the love and caring that has been received from our families, friends, colleagues, educators, artists, craftsmen, historians, theologians, children, students of all ages, the Jewish community and the Bay Area at large.

We are grateful for the community’s encouragement and support, enthusiasm and interest. And we have appreciated the keen observations, thoughtful input and faithful dedication, reaffirming the

museum’s mission and goals.

When we first met with Daniel Libeskind nearly 10 years ago, his extraordinary spirit and imagination were so perfectly aligned with the vision for the new Contemporary Jewish Museum.

When you enter the building for the first time, we believe you will be inspired by how architect Daniel Libeskind has created a design that embodies the museum’s mission of looking at tradition and history through a contemporary lens. The new building design respects the historic features of the landmark Jessie Street Power Substation with its own bold contemporary forms infused with Jewish symbolism and meaning, resulting in a myriad of beautiful architectural moments.

With a broad range of offerings, the museum allows you to enjoy dynamic exhibition spaces, a vibrant and spacious education center, and state-of-the-art lecture, film and music facilities to accommodate the museum’s expanded programs.

The museum also will open what promises to be an irresistible museum store and the Cafe on the Square, which provides both indoor and outdoor seating.

When the museum opens its doors to the public, it will truly be a welcoming place for all visitors to discover and celebrate the diversity of Jewish culture, history, art and ideas.

We hope you will join us in supporting and celebrating the Contemporary Jewish Museum and its new building, which will be a lasting legacy — in the history of San Francisco and the Jewish people — for generations to come.


Roselyne Chroman Swig

Chair, Board of Trustees

Connie Wolf

Director and CEO