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It’s a Sunday night at Tel Aviv University and 10 women entrepreneurs are eagerly listening to Elena Donets, the passionate CEO of starTAU entrepreneurship program. She is giving a DIY guerrilla guide to founding a startup.

Google moms — and their kids — in class photo/israel21c-niv kantor

As Donets explores the ins and outs of user experience and  interface on the web, we hear a dull thud of a breast pump in the background. Sharon Solomon, an entrepreneur creating a coupon aggregating and comparison site called Coupick, is extracting milk for her infant son,  Raz,  at home with Dad.

The class is We Dream — its goal is to help women make it in the predominantly male world of high-tech. Women found only 9 percent of Israeli startups, and an even smaller percentage get funding.

At We Dream, which has been operating in Israel for several years, three of the women were pregnant, and most of the rest had young children at home. Three were also graduates of Google’s baby-friendly startup workshop in Tel Aviv called Campus TLV for Moms, or more colloquially “Google Moms.”

Google Moms veterans include Solomon and her Coupick co-founder Chypher Maya Holtzer, a mother of three.

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