New round of bus ads in S.F.

The sides of Muni buses in San Francisco are once again being used for competing pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian political messages.

New pro-Israel ads on Muni buses

The latest salvo was due to be launched March 5, with the pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs placing posters on eight city buses to promote solidarity with the Jewish state. One of the two posters urges an end to U.S. aid for Palestinian organizations; the other underscores 3,000 years of Jewish attachment to the land of Israel.

New pro-Israel ads on Muni buses

The StandWithUs ads counter an anti-Israel poster on  buses featuring a woman sitting in rubble with the message, “Israel’s War Crimes. Your Tax Dollars at Work.” Those ads, according to StandWithUs, were placed by the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign in partnership with the Free Palestine Movement and the local group No Tax Dollars for Israel.

The pro-Israel ad campaign will run for a month. It is the sixth time that StandWithUs has responded to anti-Israel messages in San Francisco. The group has countered such messaging on public transit and highways throughout North America since 2007.