Counseling & Support

The agencies and organizations below offer specialized services. In addition, see the Family Service Agencies listing at the beginning of this chapter for a complete listing of JFCS services and branches. Also see Health & Medical listings in this chapter. The Bereavement section in Chapter 3, Lifecycles, deals specifically with mourning and loss.
East Bay
Bay Area

AriYael Jewish Healing Center

AriYael Jewish Healing Center offers individuals, couples and groups opportunities to experience and explore diverse modalities of Jewish spirituality, community, learning and healing. Essential support for those responding to illness, loss and all life transitions.
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San Francisco

JFCS Counseling Services

Experienced clinicians help individuals, couples and families meet life's challenges. Expertise in depression, grief and loss, anxiety, stress, loneliness, significant life transitions, separation and divorce, job loss, and illness. Provides in-person and teletherapy services
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South Bay
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